9 Best Gardening Trends in 2017

9 Best Gardening Trends

Everyone loves Spring and Summer gardening in Austin, Texas. It’s time to start thinking of how to make your home’s garden beautiful! Here are a few gardening trends in 2017.

1. Bold and Vibrant Colors

Inside we tend to use soft colors such as pinks and white but outside it is beautiful to see vibrant colors such as orange, yellow and fuchsia to have a burst of bright color.

2. Climate Minded Gardening

As gardeners adapt to the climate, flower varieties that save water are becoming available. We are looking for drought tolerate and native plants. Succulents are a good choice.

3. Extreme Naturalism

It is best to use boulders, rocks and natural elements with overgrown hedges for a natural look.

4. Flora Tourism & Millennial Gardening

Many people are busy going to the outdoors and rustic dude ranches to enjoy the outdoor botanical gardens. We are seeing community gardens showing up in cities. We will also see the millennials embrace gardening in the near future.

5. Backyard Edible Gardening

It is great to add perennial herbs to your garden and enjoy in your cooking!

6. Statement Plants

A statement plant can be thought as in a large pot but it can be in a smaller pot with different varieties of boxwoods, pomegranates and berries.

7. Smaller Scale Plants

Larger luxury homes have large beautiful plants but for small spaces it is best to look for mini rose gardens, smaller hydrangeas and clematis that work well in small spaces.

8. Tough-Tender Balance

Combine a mix of hardy, low maintenance plants such as succulents, roses and hydrangeas. Romantic peonies and wisteria are favorites.

9. “Color Chameleon” Plants

These are plants with changing color from green in summer to bronze, purple and orange in the winter. These bright colors make a beautiful garden.


We hope you enjoyed taking a look at this year’s gardening trends. If you need help with marketing your luxury home, call us at Diane Dopson Properties. 512-472-3044.

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