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We’ve put together a referral guide to make it easier for you to find the right professionals for all your new home needs. From mortgage brokers to landscapers, we’ve got referrals for you. Every name on this page is a personal recommendation based on our 30 years of real estate experience in the Austin area.

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Find a Lender
Schedule an Inspection
Energy Auditors
Specialty Inspections
Order Home Owner’s Insurance
Order Utilities And Service Connections

Find a Lender

Benchmark Bank
Colette Phillip
Cell: 512-775-4182

Highlands Mortgage
Lea Holubec
Office: 512-710-3581
Cell: 512-422-7059

Horizon Bank
Chris Whitaker
Office: 512-457-5405
Cell: 512-633-5776

Prime Lending
Joel Richardson
Cell: 512-203-8244
Bill Black
Cell: 512-627-5466

Regions Mortgage
Tony Trungale
Cell: 512-917-2811

Wells Fargo
Paula Lowe
Office: 512-344-7465
Cell: 512-633-4058
NMLSR ID # is 363727

Schedule an Inspection

Austin Inspect
Chad Garrett
Office: 512-426-6328

Nunnallee Inspections
Bill Tayman
Office: 512-415-5474

Star Inspections
Cecil Brooks
Office: 512-930-9009

Big Sky Inspections
Mike Gage
Office: 512-217-0110

Texas Home Inspection
Bob Welborn
Office: 512-445-5934

TLC Inspection
Nathan West
Office: 512-900-2191

Energy Auditors

Austin Auditors
William Marshall
Office: 512-879-3567

Austin Inspect
Chad Garrett
Office: 512-426-6328

Energy Audit Masters
James Davis
Cell: 512-589-3038

Square House
Justin Marler
Cell: 512-828-1980

Specialty Inspections

Termite Inspectors

Blue Light Exterminators
Office: 512-251-5893

Longhorn Pest Control
Cell: 512-255-0111

Septic Inspectors

Necessary, Inc.
Janet Dunkelburg
Office: 512-445-2250
Cell: 512-413-9534

Sarah Calvert Septic
Sarah Calvert
Office: 512-288-6738

Foundation Inspectors/Structural Engineers

Polvado Engineering
R. Stewart Polvado
Office: 512-584-8734

Tucker Engineering
Jeff Tucker
Office: 512-255-7477

Centex Foundation Repair
Office: 512-444-5438

Well Inspectors

Bee Caves Drilling
Office: 512-894-4221

Pool Inspectors

Genesis Pool & Spa Inspections
Office: 512-919-9514

Cell: 512-585-7554
Pager: 512-833-2993
Home: 512-331-1815

Splash and Company
Office: 512-328-2527

Davinci Pools
Cell: 512-423-1423


Beal Real Estate Services
Brad Beal
Office: 512-477-7059

Texas Appraisal Associates
Michael Ribe
Office: 512-454-5151

Wheeler & Associates
Mike Wheeler
Office: 512-329-0800

Order Home Owner’s Insurance

State Farm Insurance
Ted Heaton III
Office: 512-343-8774

Wortham Insurance
Office: 512-453-0031

Order Utilities And Service Connections

Time Warner Cable
Office: 512-485-5555
Office: 855-637-9526
Grande Communications
Office: 512-220-4600

Office: 888-294-8433

City of Austin
Office: 512-494-9400

Texas Gas Service
Office: 800-700-2443

City of Austin
Office: 512-494-9400

City of Austin
Office: 512-494-9400