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Austin Inspect
Chad Garrett
Office: 512-426-6328
Big Sky Inspections
Mike Gage
Office: 512-217-0110
Texas Home Inspection
Bob Welborn
Office: 512-445-5934
Star Inspections
Cecil Brooks
Office: 512-930-9009
TLC Inspection
Nathan West
Office: 512-900-2191

Energy Auditors

Austin Auditors
William Marshall
Office: 512-879-3567
Austin Inspect
Chad Garrett
Office: 512-426-6328
Energy Audit Masters
James Davis
Office: 512-589-3038
Square House
Justin Marler
Office: 512-828-1980

Specialty Inspections

Termite Inspectors

Septic Inspectors

Necessary, Inc.
Janet Dunkelburg
Office: 512-445-2250
Cell: 512-413-9534
Sarah Calvert Septic
Sarah Calvert
Office: 512-288-6738

Foundation Inspectors/Structural Engineers

Well Inspectors

Pool Inspectors


Beal Real Estate Services
Brad Beal
Office: 512-477-7059
Texas Appraisal Associates
Michael Ribe
Office: 512-454-5151
Wheeler & Associates
Mike Wheeler
Office: 512-329-0800

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